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What is is web-based expense management solution for individuals, families and roommates. Simple, effective and cool!

Where does all my money go?
We complain about gas-prices. Let us look at some other items we consume without complaining (2008 figures):
Item Cost / gallon  
Gasoline $4.00 !
Soda Pop can (12 oz - $.75) $7.99 ?
Bottled Water (9 oz - $1.00) $14.22 ??
Coffee / Latte (12 oz - $3.50) $37.30 ???
Printer Ink (1.42 oz - $55.00) $4,957.74 ????
* 128 fl oz = 1 Gallon

Gas is cheaper than soda? Or water?? Or a latte???

1. We throw away money when we don't have good visibility.
2. Creating a budget gives us a handle on our personal finances.
3. Staying on budget gives us control over it!!

Manage your money with XpenseTracker!

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Powerful Budgeting solution:
Any personal finance expert will tell you that the first thing you need is a good budget. Everything else comes after that. lets you setup budgets quickly and intuitively. offers typical income and expense categories (rent, groceries, eating out...). You can also add categories of your own if you like. You can then set-up budgets - assigning $ amounts to each of these income or expense categories.

At the end of each month, when you have recorded actual income and expense transactions against these categories, will tell you the areas where you exceeded your budget so you can curtail expenses there.

Next month, these budget-values can be carrieed over to the next month easily and automatically . Over a period of time, you will see your financial performance getting better and better.

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Expense Management is not about denying yourself something . It is about making a judicious decision about whether expense on Item-A is really worth it. And you cannot do it without an objective way to measure "worthiness".

Why do you use a mirror when you shave or put on make-up? Even though you know where your cheeks and lips are, you still use a mirror to objectively evaluate the job being done. Similarly, in the case of personal finance, you need an objective way to evaluate how well you have performed.

It is not enough to say that I examine my credit-card statement and generally know where my money is going (since I am the one that is spending it). lets you actually see where you spent how much money and compare it with what you initially expected.

Now that is the beginning of change!

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It is true that expense management is NOT a complex activity. And yet it is seldom done.

Why? Because it is so tedious!!

Usually it is done on a personal-finance application (like MS-Money or Quicken). This means that you have to set aside time on your home PC and all of this just seems to be too much of a drain on your time at home. takes care of this problem. Since is web-based, it can be reached from home, work or school. You can use the islands of time you get at work or school to record expenses as and when they occur during the day. lets you share your expense tracking information with your spouse or partner. This way both of you can record expenses on a common tracking sheet without being tied to the same PC. And all the data is available to both of you.

There is no need to email spreadsheets between yourselves nor is there any need to use your time together for bean-counting. makes collaborative expense management a breeze.

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The web is a great place to collaborate and coordinate! So why not use that for collaborative expense tracking?

Roommates share joint expenses like rent, groceries.... but the way this is done is sooooooo last-century! Individuals incur and record these joint expenses on a note-paper. At month-end these expenses are divided (and all too often, so are the roommates). resolves this hardship. Each transaction can be logged by anyone sharing the tracking sheet. He/She can "allocate or divide" that expense between the roommates. keeps a running total of these expenses and their distribution. At the end of the month.... BINGO! You have a neat description of what is owed to whom by whom!

Similarly, other areas of collaborative or joint expense tracking can be performed with Examples are picnics, camping trips, charity fund-raisers.... all of which involve a group of people incurring expenses that are for the whole group which eventually need to be distributed across the group.


  Digg   Delicious   Reddit   Stumble Upon   Facebook   Google Features: is focussed on Expense Management and offers time-saving and convenient features for that function. Here is a partial list of those features:
  1. Web-based - so can be reached from home, work or school.
  2. Use default income/expense categories or create your own.
  3. Enter Budgets, track Actuals in simple non-nonsense manner.
  4. Upload credit-card/Bank statements - avoid manual data input.
  5. Analyze expense-patterns with charts & graphs; End wastages.
  6. Share data with spouse, partner or roommates.
  7. Export to MS-Excel, Quicken or MS-Money.
  8. Complete security with SSL and 128 bit encryption

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Free Trial and Subscription details: is FREE for the first 30 days. No limited edition... no nag screens.... 100% FREE for the first 30 days. We offer this so that you can see how wonderful and easy this service really is.

After this trial period, if you would like to use the full range of services, you can enroll in the GOLD service level at US$2.99 per month.

Alternatively, you continue using for free for a maximum of 125 transactions. However, certain premium functions will be unavailable. After that threshold, you can either enroll in the GOLD service as above or you can enroll in the SILVER service level at US$ 2.00 per month where some premium features will not be available to you.


In Summary:
  1. 30 Days FREE Trial.
  2. GOLD Service - $2.99 per month or $32.89 annually (through paypal).
  3. Silver Service - $2.00 per month or $22.00 annually (through paypal).
All of these features will be available to you for just a penny a day or less!!

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